Things To Expect From Your Very First Surf Lesson

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to really have a shot at this surfing caper. How hard can it be, right? But your fairly short on time, actually your here for a week on holidays and at the end of the time, you wish to browse like that Kelly Slater fella.

You’ve booked in for a few surfing lessons and you’re getting ready for the first surf lesson. Here’s what you can expect from your next few hours.

  1. Register, register your waiver form, and catch some surfing gear.

Most surf schools will expect you to sign a waiver form that says you agree that surfing can be a dangerous activity and in the event that you get hurt you promise to not sue the pants off the faculty, or anything to that purpose.

The surf school will suit you out with the proper equipment based on where you are taking the lesson and in what season. This could include a full wetsuit or only a rash shirt based on the conditions. Next you will be measured up for a suitable surf board. Surf schools Newquay generally utilize soft surfboards such as lessons. These soft surf boards are a good deal safer than normal surfboards on account of the fact that they are, well, soft.


If you haven’t already, next you will meet your browsing instructor. He or she’ll be simple to choose, generally they’re the local surfer dude, nice sun tan, slender and healthy looking with eyes hanging from the head as a result of unforgiving salt water and bright sunlight.

Your instructor will have a wonderful safe section of this shore picked out for you and your fellow surfers. Once you get to the place the instructor will lead your group through a series of warm up exercises. These exercises are very important. Like every sport you put a lot of pressure on the body when you go surfing for the first time. Your very first surf lesson will entail a lot of knocks, falls and use of muscles that you never knew you had.

  1. Find out the skills on the dry sand .

Now the fun starts. Put your surfboard onto the sand and lay on it. Now pretend to throw. Yeah, yeah of origin you look like a goose, but follow your teacher and you’ll be thankful when you eventually reach the water. Now, the surfing instructor will lead you through easy practices that will provide you the best chance of moving home a surfer. Pay close attention, these techniques really are what makes the difference on your surf lesson.

  1. Drown!!

Its time to get wet, and discover out just how simple surfing actually is. During your first surf lesson your teacher will not take you out too much better. Usually you’ll bear in about waist depth water and grab the small white waves. These are the best waves to practice your strategy on. If you listen closely to your instructor you need to be able to stand up by the conclusion of your first surfing lesson. Now your browsing, look out Kelly.


Now your surf lesson is complete, head back into the surf school with your instructor. Return all of your equipment and dry away. Hopefully your day has been a hit achievement and you will return for another surf lesson shortly. Are your arms and shoulders sore? Told you, muscles you never new you’d. Fantastic work, hope you had fun.